What are "Spikes-Spiders"?
The registered trade name "Spikes-Spider" refers to the Swiss patented traction package for passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, sports cars, SUVs and pickups. The "Spikes-Spider package" sold on this Web site includes everything needed to outfit the two drive wheels of the vehicle. The "package" includes all hardware required; traction elements for the vehicles,  2-year limited warranty, instructions and phone or email technical assistance for installation, if necessary.

Will the Spikes-Spider package fit my vehicle and work on my vehicle?
We have the expertise to provide a Spikes-Spider package for you that fit virtually any year, make and model manufactured in the world. This includes sports cars, passenger cars, SUVs, pickups, etc., and will work on rear drive; front wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. See Listing of Vehicles.

Will I be able to install the Spikes-Spider package myself, if I buy from you?
Yes, we guarantee it. You have instructions with the package and you can call one of our expert technicians who can answer any and all of your installation questions and walk you through any issues. If for some reason you do not like the fit or have other issues, you can return the package to us without a restocking fee and full credit on your credit card, if done within 20 days from date of purchase and you have not driven on the traction elements so they can be returned to stock. You would only be out the freight, both ways. See a Pictorial description of installing the hardware on your drive wheels before going to snow/ice areas. See Videos for visual information on adding and removing the traction elements in snow and ice.

How do I determine which style of Spikes-Spider will work best on my vehicle?
It is best to review the comparison of the four styles on this Web site with describes the styles and their advantages for your vehicle or driving conditions. In some cases, because of tire size, especially for the larger tires, that there is only one choice, the Sport style and Alpine Pro. See Comparison.

What materials are used in manufacturing the Spikes-Spider packages?
The product is manufactured in Switzerland from robust, quality materials. On the Compact, Easy Sport, and Sport, styles, the traction arms and bars that come into contact between the tire and pavement are made from permanently elastic and wear resistant polymer materials that are tungsten carbide studded for great traction. The hardware and hubs attached to the vehicle are quality steel products and are the same system for all the styles. On the Sport style of traction elements there are traction pads made from the wear resistant polymer materials that are also tungsten carbide studded and are linked together with stainless steel links. All packages we sell carry a 2 year limited warranty.

What can I expect if I purchase from your company?
We are the only company that offers all the following:

  • Five Star Purchase Guarantee
    • Secure Ordering Made Easy
    • Immediate Shipping
    • Delivery Time Notification
    • No Hassle Return Policy
  • Five Star Service After The Sale
    • Email & Phone Tech Assistance
    • over 30 Years Expert Experience
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • All Parts Always Available
    • Strong Privacy Policy

Why is the Spikes-Spider product better than chains?
Adding the Spikes-Spider traction elements:

  •  Installation of both traction elements in less than a couple of minutes. 
  • You don't have to get down in the snow to put them on and get wet and dirty.
  • The traction elements are even easier to remove-just stop the vehicle, unsnap the holding ring and pull them away from the top of the tire and drive off of them and put them back in the carrying case. Here again in less than a minute total time.
  • No confusing jumble of chains and you can put these on in the dark if necessary.
  • No part of the Spikes-Spider touches the wheel, so there is nothing to mark your wheels.
  • See Videos.

Putting on chains:

  • When you get them out of your vehicle, you have a jumble of chains to separate and untangle.
  • You have to kneel down in the snow and in some cases, lay down in the snow and mud to attach them on the back of the tires.
  • Then you have to add a tightening band to keep them from flapping around.
  • You sure cannot put them on in a short time.
  • The links can break and mar your wheels and hit your under-carriage.

My vehicle instruction booklet says I cannot put chains on my vehicle's tires, because of limited clearance. Will Spikes-Spiders fit?
Spikes-Spiders were designed in Europe initially for European manufactured vehicles, but can now be installed on vehicles manufactured in all countries. Clearance problems are usually because the back side of the tire/wheel combination is too close to the vehicle body parts, brake fluid lines and other vehicle parts. Spikes-Spiders are only attached to the front side of the wheel/tire combination and nothing is attached to the back side. Spikes-Spiders are recommended by Chrysler, GM, Volvo and other vehicles with restricted clearance issues.

Can the Spikes-Spider traction elements be added when the vehicle is already stuck in the snow?
Yes, you can add the Spikes-Spider traction elements even when the vehicle is stuck and will soon be on your way.

Will I have to adjust the Spikes-Spiders like I have to adjust chains?
By ordering the Spikes-Spiders for your wheel/tire size combination at the outset, we ship the package to you with the traction elements pre-adjusted for your tire size. With some styles, they can be adjusted.

How fast can I drive with the Spikes-Spider traction elements on the tires?
They are rated for maximum speed of 30mph. If conditions allow you to drive faster, it is easy to stop and quickly take them off.

Will the Spikes-Spiders affect my steering, suspension or braking?
Spikes-Spiders were designed as the high-tech answer to ice and snow traction to work in concert with ABS braking, limited slip differential, modern vehicle suspension and steering systems.

When I make the investment in the Spikes-Spider package and after the warranty period, have to buy parts, can I easily repair them myself?
Yes, we have all parts that can be purchased on our Web site and all parts are easily replaced in the field by any individual.

Will Spikes-Spider hubs added to the drive wheels affect the balance on my wheels?
No, the hub systems are from carefully machined parts, when added to the wheel, will not affect your balance.

Will Spikes-Spiders provide traction in conditions other than ice and snow?
Yes, you can use the traction elements in muddy conditions, wet grass and sand for greatly improved traction.


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